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What does this online business do? 🚀

Today, our investigative lens turns towards a culinary haven that not only whets appetites but also boasts a monthly revenue that's sizzling hot, exceeding the delectable $10,000 mark.

Our focus is a thriving food blog, a digital kitchen where cooking dreams unfold.

This platform serves as a treasure trove of culinary wisdom, specializing in the world of freezer meals.

This hidden gem isn't just about stirring pots; it's stirring up revenue.

It proves that sharing recipes and cooking tips can be as financially rewarding as it is appetizing.

As we explore, we'll uncover the secrets behind their success, from revenue ingredients to the savvy strategies that keep their financial pot simmering.

Get ready for a journey into the business side of culinary creativity.

How does this online business make money? 💻

Now, let's uncover the secret recipe behind this culinary powerhouse's financial success.

This website doesn't just sprinkle fairy dust on recipes; it's cooking up a diverse revenue feast.

A Dash of Display Ads:

As you savor the pages, you might notice subtle yet effective display ads.

These digital billboards contribute to the financial pot with every click and impression, turning their content into a canvas for advertising revenue.

Affiliate Sales:

Venturing beyond the kitchen, this culinary haven embraces affiliate partnerships.

By recommending and reviewing products and services, they earn a slice of the pie with every successful sale.

It's a tasteful way to monetize their audience's trust.

Cookbooks - Bringing Recipes to Life:

In addition to the digital realm, this haven transforms recipes into tangible delights.

Their cookbooks, a collection of curated culinary wisdom, aren't just a treat for readers; they're a lucrative revenue source.

Each sale adds a tangible touch to their financial recipe.

What has this business done well?🔥

This business isn't just a cooking blog; it's a well-tuned engine of culinary success, and the reasons behind its triumph are as varied as a gourmet menu.


Step into their digital kitchen, and you'll find a website that's not just aesthetically pleasing but meticulously designed for seamless navigation.

This business takes the digital user experience seriously, evident in its clean interface and lightning-fast loading times, passing Google's rigorous speed tests for both desktop and mobile.

It's a recipe for keeping visitors engaged and satisfied.

Driving Traffic:

In the vast landscape of the web, this blog stands out with over 100,000 organic monthly visitors.

Their savvy SEO strategy targets long-tail keywords with moderate ranking difficulty, ensuring they attract a steady stream of organic traffic.

This isn't just about quantity; it's about quality, a carefully crafted approach to reaching the right audience.

Generosity in Resources:

What sets this undisclosed platform apart is its commitment to sharing culinary wisdom freely.

Offering a buffet of free resources isn't just altruistic; it's a smart blogging strategy.

By providing valuable content without asking for an immediate return, they build trust and establish themselves as an authority in the culinary space, creating a loyal readership.

Social Media Mastery:

This blog doesn't just confine its culinary adventures to the blog; it extends the feast across social media platforms.

With an impressive Pinterest following and monthly view count, they've carved out a niche in visual content, leveraging the platform's strengths.

Embracing video content, they've tapped into a format that resonates well with their audience, making their recipes come to life in the digital realm.

Freezing Success with Niching:

Rather than casting a broad culinary net, this business has specialized in the art of freezer cooking.

This niche strategy isn't just about focus; it's about dominance.

By honing in on a specific culinary realm, they've become the go-to authority for freezer cooking enthusiasts.

This strategic decision positions them as experts, making their blog a destination rather than just a stop on the culinary highway.

What this business could improve?🔥🔥🔥

Let's explore a some opportunities this business could use to elevate its revenue and expand its culinary kingdom.

Implementing Subscription Models:

Introduce subscription models for premium content, courses, or exclusive recipes.

By offering a subscription-based service, the undisclosed blog can create a steady stream of recurring revenue while providing subscribers with ongoing value and a sense of culinary membership.

Creating Limited Edition Products:

Tap into the exclusivity factor by creating limited edition culinary products.

Whether it's a curated collection of recipes, specialty kitchen tools, or even collaborations with renowned chefs, limited edition products can create buzz, drive sales, and add a touch of uniqueness to the undisclosed blog's offerings.

If you were in their shoes and had such an audience, would you seize this opportunity, and why?

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The Reveal, check this online business out for yourself 👀

Behind the culinary magic of ThrivingHomeBlog, meet the dynamic duo driving its $10K+/Mo success, Rachel Tiemeyer and Polly Conner.

Rachel Tiemeyer: Once an English teacher, now a culinary enthusiast, Rachel started blogging in 2008.

With almost two decades in ministry, she resides in Columbia, MO, sharing a passion for family and recipes.

Polly Conner: Originally on the path to becoming a school counselor, Polly ventured into blogging in 2008.

She also resides in Columbia, MO, where she shares DIY and parenting stories.

The Genesis of Thriving Home:

In 2011, Rachel and Polly, driven by entrepreneurial instincts, pooled $90 each to birth Thriving Home.

By 2013, the blog was raking in 1 to 2k per month, fueled by Google AdSense and Amazon affiliates.

Thriving Home's freezer cooking content stole the spotlight, resonating with readers and showcasing the duo's knack for practical recipes.

The blog's success stems from shared experiences and a dedication to helping families thrive.

They deserve our hardest congrats and applause on their achievements!👏

The Takeaway, What We Learned 🎓

  • User-Friendly: Craft a website that's not just visually appealing but user-friendly for seamless navigation. Speed matters—pass Google's speed tests for both desktop and mobile.

  • Driving Traffic: Stand out in the web crowd with a savvy SEO strategy targeting long-tail keywords. It's not just about numbers; it's about attracting the right audience.

  • Generosity in Resources: Share your wisdom freely. Offering valuable content without immediate returns builds trust and establishes you as an authority.

  • Social Media Mastery: Extend your reach beyond the blog. Leverage social media platforms, especially visual ones like Pinterest. Embrace video content for a dynamic and engaging presence.

  • Niche Dominance: Specialize rather than generalize. Become the go-to authority in a specific niche. It's not just about focus; it's about dominating your chosen realm.

  • Subscription Models: Create a subscription model for premium content, courses, or exclusive offerings. Build a steady stream of recurring revenue while providing ongoing value.

  • Limited Edition Products: Add exclusivity to your offerings. Create limited edition products, be it curated collections, unique tools, or collaborations. It generates buzz, drives sales, and adds a touch of uniqueness to your brand.

Action Steps if you’d like to start a business like this… 👩‍💻

If you’re already up and running with an online business, keep with it and try to implement some of the lessons you might have found in this email.

You’ll learn all the fundamental skill to build an online income like the one we did a case study on in this email.

Here’s what to expect:

Week 1 - Fundamentals

In this week, you will establish a solid digital marketing foundation. The focus will be on personal branding, but the concepts apply to other business models as well. You will explore:

  • WordPress Website Development: Learn to create a professional and user-friendly website using WordPress, a powerful and widely-used platform for various online businesses.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Understand the basics of SEO to increase online visibility and attract organic traffic to their websites.

  • Web Analytics: Discover how to analyze website data using tools like Google Analytics to gain valuable insights into user behavior and make data-driven decisions.

Week 2 - How to start a business

In this week you will delve into expanding the online presence and driving traffic to your website. You will get to learn about:

  • Email Marketing: Understand the importance of building an email list and learn effective email marketing strategies to nurture leads and convert them into customers.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Dive into the world of paid advertising and explore techniques to run successful ad campaigns on search engines like Google.

Week 3 - How to grow a business

The final week will focus on harnessing the power of social media platforms for business growth. You will discover:

  • Social Media Marketing: Discover how to develop and implement social media strategies to engage with the target audience and build brand loyalty.

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads: Explore advanced advertising techniques on these popular platforms to reach a wider audience and generate leads.

You decide what's next! ⏭️

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