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Case Study 👉 How YOU Can Unlock Success in the Home Decor Blogging World

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We analyze a wonderful, small, online business each week with a full breakdown of how it makes money, why it makes money, and its opportunities to grow. Below that, we give you the action steps to build a business like this to create freedom for yourself.

This is the best way to learn the tactics, skillset, and nuance of making money online.

Let’s get to the good stuff you'll see in this email:

  • A thriving online business making a steady income.

  • Unique techniques enable this business to stand out in its niche and achieve success.

  • A step-by-step guide to setting up a business like this one for yourself!

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What does this online business do? 🚀

In today’s insightful newsletter, we will be examining the accomplishments of a home decor online business.

Specifically, we will be taking a closer look at how this blog inspires readers to redecorate their homes and create a more modern feel to their spaces.

The blog is filled with helpful tips and tricks that explore different styles, textures and crafts.

Numerous articles contain craft tutorials and pictures to make the experience more real and personal.

It is an excellent resource for those wishing to create a different well to their natural environment, from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Throughout this newsletter, we'll analyze what makes this blog unique as compared to other home decor blogs.

How does this online business make money? 💻

This home decor website has achieved remarkable success by implementing a unique approach to its product sales directly from its website.

The website has a vast range of products, on the website and on Amazon.

Its Amazon store has a wide range of items that can turn any space into a comfortable home.

Products are linked to a blog post that explains how to use the product and the benefits of its unique features, a proven sales strategy.

From Christmas and Thanksgiving-themed decorations to more elegant and expensive-looking items can be sourced.

Shopltk store

This specialized blog has successfully earned revenue through affiliate marketing, and promoting products.

Affiliate marketing has become a popular way for bloggers to monetize their content. By partnering with companies and promoting their products or services to their audience.

This specialized blog has found success in promoting certain products such as Tailwind, a social media scheduling tool, WPUM Dev plugin, a plugin that allows for easier management of WordPress user roles, and BlueHost, a web hosting service.

By recommending these products to their readers and providing valuable information on how to use them, this blog has not only earned revenue but also built trust with its audience.

It's important for bloggers to choose products they truly believe in and would use themselves, as promoting products solely for the sake of earning a commission can harm their credibility and reputation.

What has this business done well?🔥

The store's social media strategy has worked so well for them.

by simply posting frequently throughout the day, showcasing their products and engaging with their audience.

A spamming strategy has allowed them to showcase their exclusive designs to its followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Their Instagram page

This Social media strategy will make the website stand out from the rest because it’s spamming social media posting.

In one of its income reports, the blog boosts its Pinterest ad campaigns generating a good sum of money for the blog.

This Home Decor website features a fully functional email marketing system. 

The system includes a mini-course and helpful tips with resources that you will undoubtedly find useful.

With the email marketing system, you can stay up-to-date on the latest trends in home decor, receive exclusive discounts, and get access to limited-edition products.

The mini-course covers everything from choosing the right colour scheme for your home to incorporating trendy decor pieces into your space.

Plus, the helpful tips and resources provided will assist you in making informed decisions when it comes to purchasing home decor.

Whether you're a seasoned interior designer or just starting, this email marketing campaign is an excellent resource for anyone looking to elevate their home decor game.

Which makes it a very crucial element to the blog’s overall service delivery package.

What this business could improve?🔥🔥🔥

Maximizing SEO Efforts:

Their online business management is impressive as we have discussed, but its overall promotion could use a boost.

Promotion is key as it helps the right web searcher discover your content.

Currently, their rankings in keywords and backlinks are not good for a blog of its experience

However, there is always room for improvement, especially when we notice a drag in traffic volume.

Establishing and flowing SEO strategy will enable them to rank higher which will directly mean an increase in traffic that is interested in the blog content

Our handy tool, Ahrefs, has the metrics to prove our notion.

Call-to-action buttons

It's essential to incorporate additional call-to-action buttons into the blog, with vivid colours and compelling phrases to encourage reader engagement.

Call-to-action buttons are an integral part of any blog post. These buttons guide readers towards the next step that you want them to take.

This is one of my favourite examples

Whether it's signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free resource, or sharing your content on social media.

By using eye-catching colours and compelling language, you can make these buttons stand out and attract more attention from your readers.

Remember to keep your phrases/words clear and concise, and make sure that your call-to-actions are relevant to the content of your post as well.

The Reveal, check this online business out for yourself 👀

Welcome to the Grand Finale of Today's Newsletter!

In this edition, we explored the fascinating online business called Art and Classy, founded by Meredith.

With years of experience in home decoration, Meredith is the expert in giving advice, practical tips, and essential tools to help you excel in your DIY projects.

She created the blog for her previous job in the art department, which then transformed into a valuable resource for home decor managers and designers worldwide.

Her blog is a great source of inspiration and a worthy website to be reviewed in our email newsletter.

The Takeaway, What We Learned 🎓

  • Affiliate market products and services you would buy or have bought in the past. This will help you give a more personal advantage when promoting the product.

  • Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog by creating and saving attractive pins that will link different audiences to a specific page/post.

  • Invest money and time to specialize in selling products on your website. These products can be displayed on your website but link to e-commerce marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon or Shopify.

  • Arrange your content in categories for web readers to easily spot and access your information according to what they are looking for. Complicated website designs may look good but could compromise on functionality.

Action Steps if you’d like to start a business like this… 👩‍💻

If you’re already up and running with an online business, keep with it and try to implement some of the lessons you might have found in this email.

You’ll learn all the fundamental skill to build an online income like the one we did a case study on in this email.

Here’s what to expect:

Week 1 - Fundamentals

In this week, you will establish a solid digital marketing foundation. The focus will be on personal branding, but the concepts apply to other business models as well. You will explore:

  • WordPress Website Development: Learn to create a professional and user-friendly website using WordPress, a powerful and widely-used platform for various online businesses.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Understand the basics of SEO to increase online visibility and attract organic traffic to their websites.

  • Web Analytics: Discover how to analyze website data using tools like Google Analytics to gain valuable insights into user behavior and make data-driven decisions.

Week 2 - How to start a business

In this week you will delve into expanding the online presence and driving traffic to your website. You will get to learn about:

  • Email Marketing: Understand the importance of building an email list and learn effective email marketing strategies to nurture leads and convert them into customers.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Dive into the world of paid advertising and explore techniques to run successful ad campaigns on search engines like Google.

Week 3 - How to grow a business

The final week will focus on harnessing the power of social media platforms for business growth. You will discover:

  • Social Media Marketing: Discover how to develop and implement social media strategies to engage with the target audience and build brand loyalty.

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads: Explore advanced advertising techniques on these popular platforms to reach a wider audience and generate leads.

You decide what's next! ⏭️

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